Ville Valkonen graduated as a dancer from the Finnish National Opera Ballet School in 2007.

After his graduation he has danced for example with the Estonian National Ballet, Finnish National Ballet and

numerous theaters in England and Germany.

As a choreographer Ville started his career with the piece Shining, which was premiered in Nürnberg State Theater in 2011.

His choreographing career has then continued in Finland, where he has completed numerous works for Ballet Finland,

Finnish National Ballet and the Finnish National Opera Ballet School. Some of his best-known pieces are Seven (for Ballet Finland), 

Cluster of Flowers (for Finnish National Opera Ballet School) and So You Think You Can Muuv 

(a collaboration between Finnish National Ballet and Ballet Finland).

Ville joined Ballet Finland in 2012 as a dancer.

In January 2014 he begun his work as the artistic director of the company, still continuing to dance and choreograph with the company.

In 2018 Ville moved to Japan where he continues his career.

It’s still possible to see Villes choreographies and also himself dancing from time to time in Finland.